Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy feets!

The boys & girls all have nice short feet, and they all stood very politely for the farrier. She was very complimentary, saying she was impressed with how patiently they waited. It was good to hear, but today was a sunny, lazy day, so that helped!

This time I had them all caught and ready for her (I was mortified last time to still be collecting them when she drove in - she shouldn't have to wait on me!).
The upper lot is well-fenced in sucker rod & railroad ties, but the ties are getting old enough to be suspect at the bottom, and I'm afraid if somebody really tested one, it might snap.

I wasn't anticipating any disasters. Still, in the interest of safety I only tied the ones that like to be nosy to the posts I know are solid. The other four I haltered and just let stand guarding posts with their leads looped rather than tied. They were still standing politely without fussing when we finished up 2 hours later.
(Embarrassingly, Thunder and Sunny - two of the tied ones - self-released not once, but at least twice apiece. Note to self: must remember to bring out more green Tabasco sauce to discourage rope nibblers!)
I miss them during the week. And given the amount of wind-tangles the mares accumulated amongst them this week, they missed me, too! I didn't get all of them quite tangle-free this afternoon, so I think tomorrow will be a pony spa day at the farm.


Kate said...

Glad they were so good for you! Thanks for the pictures!

buckpony said...

Beautiful photos! Your herd is so pretty - all so slick and shiny!Glad you finally found a reliable far! She sounds like she will be a good one for you.

That's so funny that you have horses that can untie themselves! I'm sure it's not funny when you need them tied though... :)