Monday, September 28, 2009

Once a weekend...

Is starting to be a habit! I really need to do a better job of posting from home, because posting from up here is no fun.

No weekend pics, although it wasn't from a lack of exciting going's on. Friday I only checked on the four-feets. They were fine, and informed me that they were quite happy eating, thank you - lol! I was pleased to find that none of them had (at least then) new wind tangles.

Saturday was another head-counting day with no riding - too bad, too, as it was beautiful and still. The horses were all up under the loafing tree dozing, but after I woke them and then stopped to chat with the farm owner, they headed out to pasture.

Chatting involved leaving the nice bare spot under the tree and stepping into the yard. Mistake! No-see-ums. At least that's what I grew up calling them. They're not gnats, they're tinier. And they're in the grass usually on hot sticky still days. Well, it wasn't sticky, but it was hot & still, and in about 60 seconds I was covered.

And it took just about that long for the horses to discover that the pasture was also infested. Somebody snorted, somebody did the all-over-body shake and suddenly the whole herd was off at a lope around the perimeter and back up into the lot and then down to slide to a stop back under the tree.

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Breathe said...

I hate those things. They gave my old horse hives! He looked like he'd been through a cheese grater!

But hopefully it'll cool off and send them on their way...