Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Yellow Wheels & Cows

It seemed like a very quick weekend for some reason. Saturday we spent the day in Sioux Falls. I spotted this neat number in the parking lot, and couldn't resist grabbing my camera - How crazy-cheerful would you have to be to drive around on those wheels all day?

Sunday we helped friends work their cows. I did get some between the ears time, but not with Sunny :( These cute little red swivels belong to Buddy, a truly humongous quarter horse. I hopped on him briefly to run over and open a gate. Man, am I glad I normally ride a short horse, but I have to admit, his lope was awsome (shhh, don't tell Sunny!)

Casper, Buddy & Rufus
The boys snooze while we work.
That's MY baby in there!
Anxious mommas looked on after their turn through the chute.

T ran the chute hydraulics & loaded needles.
K and I had the messy, kicking end.

The toughest part was keeping the smaller ones facing the right way, as they were wiggly enough to end up backwards if we gave them the chance.

After the cows had all had their turn at the pointy end of a needle, we went for a ride. I started on Casper, the grey, and ended up on Rufus. Rufus was a bit sore footed on the gravel, so since I'm a bit lighter, T and I swapped and we mostly kept to a walk and the sandier bits of the road.

When we got back we swung by the farm to check on the fourfeets - all upright & accounted for :)

Didn't get to the canning, or most of the chores I had planned. Two days go quick!

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BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I love those rims!! I guess if you are going to drive a bug, you might as well have fun with it.

Kinda jealous of your tomato harvest.;)