Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wildlife & canning

Labor Day dawned overcast, windy, sticky, and gray, and pretty much stayed that way. We ran out to the farm in the afternoon to check on the critters (all fine) and ran across this little guy - a skink, I'm informed. He was very happy to be re-released, and promptly disappeared into the grass.

This lovely fellow careened in the open truck window, bounced off my head, and stunned himself. You can't tell from the picture, but the dragonfly was about as long as my palm is wide, and so was the lizard - wonder who'd have eaten who for lunch? His eyes were so pretty, I couldn't resist taking a picture - I'm amazed that it turned out, none of my horse pictures did!

Then it was back to the house to check on the progress of our a.m. canning session.
3 1/2 pints of spaghetti sauce

8 pints of salsa

I picked 6 lbs of Roma tomatoes off of one plant for the salsa, and that much again off two more for the sauce. The salsa turned out really well - we ate what didn't completely fill the 9th jar for lunch. And since I took on the tomatoes & onions, T did the hot peppers. His hands were still burning hours later. That'll teach'm to wear gloves-LOL!

The tomato plants are still flowering, and there are lots still to ripen, so I think I may try tomato juice next weekend.


Stephanie said...

you sure have been busy! The salsa looks delicious and I love the picture of the dragonfly :)

prairierunner said...

Your salsa looks wonderful!!!