Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend work

It's Labor Day weekend, right?

The horses... were not laboring.

We, however, were.

Last night Sunny & Solitaire had gone fence creeping, and were NOT were they belonged. Too many weeds had grounded out the electric. So...

weed-eating was first on the agenda
in the interest of keeping
the electric up and
the four-feets looking over
the right side of their fence.

We moved on to...

a little Eastern Red Cedar eradication.

Then tackled a bit more pruning to the loafing tree,

...and finally headed over to check on Rufus and co.

We walked the fence there, too, as last night when we stopped by three (very happy) cows were out in this alfalfa field. By the time we got them back on the right side of their fence, it was too dark to see. We found their escape route this morning,
...with a little assistance from Quazar,
and made sure they were contained.

Then we fed the barn cats,

...and hit the road.

This little guy's for Mikey - no rattles, & no venom, but no one told him that - he struck at my boots when I bent over to take his picture. We made sure he was out of the road before we drove off.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful snake - what kind is it?

That sure is a passel of barn cats!

SunnySD said...

Just a little garter snake. We see them a lot out sunning on the gravel here, and (more rarely) in the pastures - they blend in so well in the grass they're hard to find.

As to the cats - well, that's actually not all of them. We've counted over a dozen, and I keep seeing new ones. Most of them are friendly, which is better than most barn cats! The vet runs the animal shelter, and I think sometimes after they're spayed/neutered, some of the ones that don't find homes in a timely fashion end up taking care of rodents in his barn.

buckpony said...

Labor Day - you said it! My sweet hubby finished the wooden part of our fence yesterday and we have the landscapers coming next week to begin on our hill disaster...wish us luck!

Looks like you got lots accomplished and all in beautiful weather! Your photos look like postcards - the landscape out there is gorgeous!

Love the picture of the snake! My daughter and I ran into a small garter snake yesterday on our driveway. Looked very similar to this one. Didn't have a chance to grab the camera, so we just looked at him and let him go on his way.