Monday, March 26, 2012


Horribly windy today - hope it blows in some rain. But what a waste of a perfectly good weekend.  I spent two very nice riding days mostly sick with a nasty cold and spring allergies.  Not sure which was worse.  But the cold medicine wasn't touching the allergy symptoms. Even the cats didn't want to share the couch with me. Two boxes of kleenex and lots of hot tea and vitamin C later, I'm feeling almost human again.  I think the cold is passing, and the allergies on their own are manageable.

Note to self, though, don't ever decide to trim bridlepaths while on cold medicine.  It sounded like a good idea at the time.  Sunny needs a corrective clip, but that will have to wait for a less windy day.

G had the boys locked out of the top lot so that they could fill the corn bin today.  They'd been when I got there, but the delivery guy didn't close up the bin when he left.  I have climbed up to do it a time or two, but with the way the wind was gusting, I decided today wasn't going to be one of those days.

The boys were waiting at the gate to come up to drink, though, so I haltered them and led them up to the waterer.  Or I tried.  They were both a lot more interested in angling over to the spilled corn than in drinking, but I could just picture the ladder tipping over and landing on us, so I nixed that idea. 

After they'd both had an opportunity to wet their muzzles and dribble down my front, I locked them back out, to their great disgust.  They resumed their post by the gate, since it also happens to be a good spot to tuck in out of the wind.

G's been working on the electric fence, and it was clicking loudly away up by the barn.  Hoping that meant it was fixed down below as well, and that I could turn off the portable, I grabbed the fence tester out of the truck and hooked it carefully over the wire by the barn. Carefully, because I swear G sets the voltage on STUN!  It does discourage the sheep and the calves from ducking through it - but I've seen sparks shoot out clear out the bottom of the tester on occasion.

Unfortunately, I think I may need a new tester.  When I touched the ground on a handy stake, not only did the tester not shoot sparks, it didn't light up whatsoever.  One more thing to add to the TSC list for my next visit.

Off to check the weather and see if there are any rain clouds headed in our direction.  I sure hope so!

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