Saturday, March 10, 2012

Say Hello, Buddy!

Eric had a show-season kick-off pot-luck this afternoon.  Lots of yummy food, and a chance for everyone to get to know one another.  So far so good - most of the riders are kids, so lots of show parents, but everyone I've met so far is really nice. And I'm not competition for anyone's kids, so hopefully it will stay that way.
Waiting our turn to ride
The afternoon also offered another opportunity to bond with Buddy.  What I've already learned:

He's kind of a clown

Some of the girls were doing lessons, and Eric had me saddle up as well.  It was a good opportunity to work Buddy in traffic - and outside - and practice some of what we'd worked on Thursday.

And he loves to be fussed over

 When we were done, he was more than happy to be thoroughly curried, get a full body rinse and have his mane and tail shampooed.  He made ooh-itch-me-there faces and then took a nap while I finger-combed his tail to get every last bit of sawdust out..  He's shedding like crazy, as you can tell from the clumps of hair on the floor.  I expect the rinse felt pretty good.

Tomorrow it's Sunny's turn - although I don't think his ride will finish with a bath!  I haven't quite gotten over the feeling that I'm cheating on him with Buddy, but on the whole I think riding Buddy will help me with Sunny, and the opposite is probably true, as well.  At least I hope so.

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