Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Maintenance

No, not fences, although those are definitely due for some attention after a winter of deer-induced trauma; last night the boys got their feet trimmed, and today they get their vaccinations.  I'm sure they'll be thrilled.

I was very happy to hear from the farrier that she'd be able to squeeze Sunny and Thunder into her schedule on such short notice, and after a cool, cloudy, grey and rain-threatening morning (it never materialized, unfortunately) the sun came out and the temps rose into the low 60's.  It was a gorgeous evening.

I got to the farm in plenty of time to get as much newly-loose winter fuzz brushed loose as I could.  They've reached the point where it's coming off in big handfuls, although neither of them look like they're molting yet.  They were quite content to doze while we waited, and I think Sunny actually slept through most of his trim, as well.

L didn't actually take much off Sunny's toes at all - between the drier winter and more frequent riding, the ground has kept his hooves worn down pretty well.  And working on getting the muscles in his topline built up and trying to get him more collected and balanced has impacted his feet, too:  he seems to be traveling more evenly and wearing his feet more evenly than he has in the past.

Sunny post-trim

Thunder stood well, but was less relaxed than Sunny.  He "talked" to L, nickering when she picked up his feet and snuffling her sweatshirt when she paused to tell him what a good boy he was.  He's still much less suspicious with women than he is with men.  But hauling him hither and yon with Sunny has been really good for building patience and increasing his comfort level with strangers.

Wow... bow-legged much?
Poor Thunder - he's not nearly as crooked in front as that picture makes him look.  I really should have squared him up before I took it.

I was going to clip bridlepaths tonight, but I forgot to plug the clippers in, and apparently they need to charge a full 16 hours.  Grrrr!

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