Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Ponies

The spring grass isn't very tall yet, but it is tasty - at least the boys think so.  As a post-shot reward I took them out along the driveway to graze for 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, they aren't quite done with their shots.  I messed up and got just flu andWest Nile instead of the West Nile combo I thought I was getting.  And of course I only discovered it after I got the boys done.  After some running around, Amyra got the correct combination, and I have Rufus's ready to go.  Sunny and Thunder still need sleeping sickness and tetanus.  And I now have the correct vaccines saved in my shopping list for purchase next year.

They'll all get the nasal strangles vaccine and a rabies shot yet, as well, but I don't like giving them everything all at once, and since the mosquitoes are already starting to arrive, West Nile was a priority.

On the plus side, Sunny and Amyra took their shots as nicely as usual.  Thunder was good, too.  While he's not as relaxed as the other two, he has come a very long way from the panicked response of previous years.  He took a whole two steps when I gave him the first shot, and was completely stationary for the second.  Good boy!

And this morning we have rain!  Not a lot of it yet, but enough to get things wet at least.  I'm hoping it continues all day and gets everything completely sopping.  Which is something I NEVER thought I'd be saying again after last spring!

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