Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Ride

80's shouldn't happen in March.  Not even on the last day.  Not this far north.  And tomorrow is supposed to be in the 90's. April 1st - no fooling!

I had a good ride on Buddy today.  And I even got pictures :)  Two of the moms were nice enough to snap some shots for me.  Going through the pictures I wished for video - if the still shots are anything to judge by, we have a lot to work on.

Dusty trails

We had a good ride, working on walking without jigging, and trotting without getting hollow.  It was hot. The young woman riding with me made me want to want to cry, her seat is so pretty.  She rides Pete, the pinto half-Arab, and the two of them look amazing. She has no problems keeping her shoulders back or her legs where they belong. She's also doing reining on a cute little rose grey Arab.  I hung out after I got done with Buddy to watch most of her ride.

No cantering today.  We stuck to basics and worked on cadence and staying round.  Buddy got a bath when we finished up.  He has that baby fine mane that turns into tangles in the slightest breeze, and a penchant for shaking his head, so he gets to wear braids to keep the elflocks to a minimum.  I am once again thankful that Sunny has low maintenance mane! 

Shoulders back!

I brought home the entry form for our first show.  It's the South Dakota Arabian Spring Show on April 21st.  The Region 10 qualifier.  We'll see how that goes....

 I checked in on Amyra before I left.  That's (I think) Zeus next to her whose head I cut off.  They're buddies.  She's looking slick and shiny, and she's apparently forgiven me for the shots and sticking a plastic tube up her nose (strangles vaccine).  She even left the bale to come get her belly rubbed.  Of course, so did Zeus, a short, but very wide, buckskin, and a little bay mare.  I had my hands full doling out scritches there for a minute or two.

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