Sunday, March 4, 2012


Well, not actually, but the potential is now renewed.  Sunny is much too prone to oozing his way into what he sees as greener pastures. The ground was finally thawed enough that I could get the ground post in, so I put new batteries in the portable fencer today and hooked it up.

It's making noise...

The boys were jazzed anyway - the wind was whipping around out of the northwest, and the fence clicking made a great excuse to kick up their heels and bounce around.

Run away!

Run back!
Time was also spent sniffing and staring at the fence accusingly.

And staring at me accusingly.

That's bad!
And making faces.

We do not like it!
I couldn't get the fence tester to register, but since I could hear the fencer clicking - and so could they - I think I may need a new tester.

Just to be sure, I did the hand to fence test... zap!

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