Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday, Monday

This morning we had fog.  The peasoup kind, which made it a good day for burning papers but not particularly much fun for anything else.  The ponies were damp.  Sunny was not amused, especially when I made him wait for his breakfast while I took pictures.  (I borrowed T's camera short-term.  It's waterproof & supposedly really durable which is good, but the recovery time is really slow and it's heavy.  Plus, if I break it I'll never hear the end of it.)
Speaking of pictures, got my KS drivers license (finally) in the mail last week - in their continuing efforts to save money, KS like many other states is economizing by closing stuff.

A lot of the small towns where you used to be able to get a new license at the courthouse aren't able to issue them anymore, or can only process renewals.  We drove about 30 miles north to the closest office that could issue new licenses - 1 day a week - got there at 5 minutes to 4 PM (posted hours said Thurs.-Fri., 8 AM-5:30 PM) just as  the one worker there was preparing to lock the door.  The usual lady was sick, and her replacement had driven in from an hour and a half away.  She locked the door before she started processing...  Once we went through the whole question/answer, picture, eye exam process she handed us a paper receipt printed with our new license picture and vital stats.  Our real licenses would arrive in the mail in 3-6 weeks.  Sigh...

Anyway, I finally got rid of the awful - I looked drugged - license photo from SD, and on the b/w receipt my KS pic looked pretty good.  Of course, the color photo on the actual license is not nearly as flattering, but at least I don't look high.  But I had to laugh last night when it dawned on me:  I had the SD pic taken just after I started letting my hair grow, so it showed a chin length bob.  In my KS pic, my hair's long and braided.  And yesterday I had it cut off.  It's chin-length again.

Hair-do courtesy of horse chores
It was down past the middle of my back.  I like it long, but I've been wanting to do the Locks of Love thing for a while so... My head feels really light.

I worked on inside stuff until the fog finally cleared this afternoon, at which point it warmed up and the horses took naps in the sun.  I ran Saturday's load to the dump.  580 lbs worth of decades of post-project wood scraps - we would have burned it, but most of it was studded with nails.   By the time I got that out of the way it was time to start supper and do afternoon chores.  The days sure go by quick!  I'm so glad we're past the shortest day and daylight's on the uptick again, even if it is only a few minutes a day.


Kellie said...

The drugged license look - think I've had that one a time or two. Not much you can do about it, but wait for the damn thing to expire. YAY for you getting a decent picture for KS tho :)

You cut all your lovely hair off?! What a change for you! and Wow, that is sure a bag full! Very nice you were able to donate it to the locks of love. I did that once about 100 years ago - or maybe it was only 15.. something like that anyhow.

I am sure noticing the longer days too. In no time at all it's going to be SPRING!!

580lbs for the dump run! Man o man, quite a load.

SunnySD said...

I loved my long hair, but it was time for a change. It'll grow back, and I like thinking that somebody will get some use out of it :) This license is good for 6 years, so maybe my hair will be long again by the time it expires!

Another dump run today - I've been keeping track of the slips and I'm curious to see how much we finally end up hauling off when all is said and done.

buckpony said...

Good for you for donating to Locks of Love! I'm currently growing mine out for that reason, too. It will be my 4th donation over the years when I finally get it cut (in another month or so). You have gorgeous thick wavey hair! Some lucky person will be so happy to have your beautiful gift of hair.

Cool old mailbox in your previous post! Interesting that it is stamped "approved" by the postmaster general and has the date. That is really neat. I would keep that as a personal treasure, too, and it is in remarkable shape for its age! Where my parents live, when they moved there in 1983 their address was "Rt. 1, Box 41." In the early 1990's it was changed to "2324 Old Pike Road," and when the emergency response service began, their dirt road was given a name, so now their current address is "189 Pike Lane." Funny how things change over time.

I am enjoying all of the photos you post! One day maybe I can get back to blogging...too much going on here lately!!

SunnySD said...

Wow! Kudos to you for doing the Locks of Love thing multiple times! It seems like a really good cause, and I'll happily do it again if I manage to have patience during the whole growing out period :)

I've always thought it would be interesting to see some sort of illustration of how addresses change over time. My folks, like yours, have had a couple of different addresses - at the same house - over the years. They're in a small, rural community though so even really badly addressed mail usually finds them eventually.

Hope to see you posting again soon!