Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sunny 2, Cameras 0

The problem with leaving your camera stuck to a post while you do chores?  Sometimes a horse tries to eat it...

Sunny has now accounted for two cameras.  The first one I dropped while riding.  When I got off to pick it up, I wasn't quite quick enough to stop him from pawing it into the dirt.  Result?  Cracked screen so I couldn't tell what mode I was in or what I was taking a picture of.  Camera still worked, but the only thing you could be sure of was if it was on or off.  I really liked that camera, too.

Camera two bit the dust today when I carelessly left it hanging by it's Gorillapod feet on the fence.  I thought it was out of reach.  I came back to Sunny craning his neck to poke at it.  But it was still solidly on the post, so I figured no harm done.  When I turned it on to take a picture of the sunset later, the screen light up white with all sorts of colorful checks and striations, and look-y there, sure enough on closer examination it has teeth marks. 

Again, it still takes pictures, and at least this one has a manual view-finder so I can tell what I'm cutting off, but adjusting settings, turning the flash off or changing modes... will now be done by Messuers Guess and Golly, 'cause psychic I'm not.

Okay, so I've been drooling over the new smaller, higher zoom digital cameras, but destruction by horse was not in the game plan. 

Think he was upset because I hadn't deleted this picture yet?


Kellie said...

LOL that Sunny! Teeth marks, he just had to have a nibble.

SunnySD said...

He's a great one for poking his nose where it doesn't belong, that's for sure!