Friday, January 4, 2013

Real live horses!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that 2012 is off to a good start!  I spent some time with my sister and her family out east over the holidays, and had a wonderful time.  We saw some crazy decorations - only a few days before Christmas...

and these folks were still adding lights - see the ladder?  Their neighbors, and the electric company, must love them!

Out finishing up the last of my Christmas shopping I spotted this license plate.

I want one!  Vanity plates galore out there - of course it's wall to wall people, too.

Speaking of lights, is this not cool?  Unfortunately, other than the huntsman's mount, my niece's pretty ponies and her rocking horse, and the carousel we rode at the mall (and not on the horse, she likes the teacup spinner), I didn't see a single horse.

It was, however, a lovely carousel
Unfortunately, I caught the cold/flu bug going around and spent the last few days of my visit hacking, sniffing, and mainlining cold medicine.  It was a wonderful trip, but it's good to be home and finally feeling better.

While I was gone it snowed, and T got the tank heater in. The ponies are round and fully fluffed

I hopped on Sunny for my first ride of the new year - a quick 5 minute slog around the pasture - trailed by Cat 1, who doesn't mind the horses in the least.

He's determined to walk between my feet, and seemed equally intent on getting himself flattened under Sunny's.  

Not much new here, and I have yet to catch back up on my blog reading, so I'm off to do that! 


Kellie said...

Happy New Year to you!

Love all those lights, looks like a lot of work to put something like that together.

How wonderful that you got to travel and see some family over the holidays. Bummer that you caught the crud, hope you are feeling better.

So, the tag along cat doesn't make Sunny think there are lions and tigers stalking him?

A little snow ride is in my future today as well.

SunnySD said...

Tag-along cat is so loud about his trailing that Sunny couldn't possibly be surprised by him. Any time we stopped he parked himself underneath - I was really worried Sunny's step on him, but he survived unscathed.

Hope you have a great snowy ride! I'll look forward to pictures :)