Monday, January 21, 2013

Signs, and the Purple Paint Law

I've often wondered if signs in urban areas carry as many bullet holes as their country cousins.  I'd guess if they do, the homes nearby probably get offers to appear on the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous or  Cribs about as frequently as ours does... So far, never and counting!

Even back off the gravel since 9/11 and the advent of fire numbers, the intersections have street signs.  Which is a huge improvement from, "Turn at the old Jones, place, go about 3/10ths of a mile, make a left onto the Kelly road, and you'll see a white silo set off the road in some old cottonwoods.  Go three more intersections, you'll pass a feed lot and some tanks.  Turn left at the Dunn place (that Ross's used to farm, but Websters' have leased now and put it in milo, but it got hailed out this year), and it will be on your right back off the road but you should be able to see the barn roof..." 

Stop and yield signs aren't all that common, though.  Not enough traffic to warrant it, I guess.

Kansas Banker's Award
Soil Conservation
No holes in this one.  No one lives on the acreage now, either.  You can still see the bones of an old stone house sitting back in the grove at the back of the field, but they've tilled and planted across where the driveway used to run.

Some variety of "no hunting/trespassing/violators will be prosecuted" signs decorate posts and power line poles up and down the sections.  I'm familiar with those - who isn't?  But the purple paint law was new to me.  Apparently, in Kansas since late 2000 if you paint a post or some easily visible object purple and stick it on your fence or along your fence line, it has the same legal implications as a "No Hunting without written permission" sign.  

I was skeptical at first, but I googled and Kansas isn't alone.  Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Illinois and North Carolina (possibly other states, as well) all have similar purple paint statutes.  Among other reasons, it's harder for vandals, poachers and trespassers to remove fence posts and trees and then claim they didn't know they weren't supposed to be wherever they got caught at.

So in addition to my NO HUNTING signs, I think I'll be investing in some purple paint!

Cat 3

In other news... Cat 3 is getting just a bit braver.  It actually sat outside the hole this morning while I walked back up from feeding the horses.  Of course, I couldn't take a picture... Thank you, Sunny!


Kellie said...

Purple paint law? Never heard of it, but I suppose since we are not big hunters we wouldn't have. Weird law though.

Cat 3 got scared away by Sunny, eh?

SunnySD said...

Oh, no - I'm much scarier than Sunny, at least to Cat 3, lol! No, Sunny just nibbled the camera the other day, so since it's not working properly it wasn't handy in my pocket as it normally is.

falconfeathers said...

Funny post! Purple paint makes sense...but no holes in the "no hunting" sign does not make sense! : )