Friday, January 11, 2013

Post-Christmas Reindeer and other presents

The ponies had a good Christmas.  They just don't know it yet. 

The horse treats, peppermint, which is season appropriate and always a favorite, and apple I know they're going to enjoy.  The new-to-us polo wraps, safety trailer ties, and the trail bag... I'm going to enjoy using those, tee-hee!  The ponies (well, they have to share with the cats) also received a TSC gift card, which I'm sure they won't mind if I spend for them....

TrailMax 500 Series Front Pocket

This nifty little number will replace my old, battered camera bag for carrying binoculars, Tylenol, chapstick, etc.  Outfitters Supply carries them, along with all sorts of other trail-riders' and camping and packing supplies.  It has an adjustable strap for fastening securely around the pommel of your saddle, two zipper pockets, and even a velcro belt attachment if I decide to wear it on the ground.   I always carry my cell attached to ME, but the camera or binoculars I've never minded attaching to the saddle.

They have a couple of different sizes, and if this one wears well I might look at replacing my even older and more battered canvas saddle bags with something nicer.  Although they still work for what I want, so probably not for a while.

Other than admiring my er, the ponies' gifts and getting them put away, I haven't accomplished much outside the past couple of days.  Yesterday was wet, wet, wet, and while the air is dryer today (translation, I don't have to wade through peasoup fog), it's also on the warm side and what isn't sticky mud is slippery snow melt. 

I fed the horses in and behind the barn this morning and came in wet and windblown.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be colder, and everything should hopefully firm up again. 

The sun finally came out around 3:30, but the puddles are pretty deep.  It made it up to nearly 55'.  I'm not used to winter this far south!  I was scouting online for some new winter boots suitable for barn wear since my old ones are getting kind of thin, but now I'm wondering if I shouldn't be getting new liners for my knee-high rubber boots, instead.

Sunny and Thunder were happy to play reindeer for me - well, for food, anyway.  The other two were having no part of the crazy lady who wanted to stick jingly antlers on them. 
One last present... no-extra human required video. Santa left a JOBY Gorillapod in my stocking!  If you haven't seen them, they're tripods with flexible legs that let you position your camera hands-free and leave it securely perched on a handy post, branch or whatever.  I had its legs wrapped around a pecan tree branch for this.  And even with the wind, it stayed pretty stable... I've done much worse hanging on to the camera.

How 'bout all of you guys?  What did (you)r critters get for Christmas?


Kellie said...

What good reindeer you have! They didn't seemed fazed at all by all the jingles.

Very nice gadget for videoing!

Our horses got the peppermint and carrot treats.

I'm going to have to look into a bag like yours too. Haven't seen one that attaches to the belt before, which would be ideal since we've been doing a lot of bareback riding.

Yes, we've had some crazy winter weather too. Thursday we got up to 40 and most of the snow melted. We've got some dangerous ice everywhere now - got cold again Friday nite.

SunnySD said...

They are good reindeer, aren't they :) At least my two. Poor Rufus might have cooperated, but he wasn't going to get in too close to Sunny, and Amyra wasn't any too keen on the jingles.

I'll let you know how I like the bag - I think it's going to work pretty well, but I haven't tried it out yet. No riding and lots of pockets on my winter coat :)