Saturday, January 26, 2013

Redneck Drag

I've been waiting for a nice warm day to get the orchard dragged, and today it was nearly 55' and really windy, so that worked.  T charged the battery on the lawn tractor and we hooked up the "drag" - it's an old, heavy, spring bedframe,  This one was taking up space in the (newly cleaned out!) chicken house, and was destined for the recycling pile, but re-purposed and chained to the back of the tractor, it works a treat.

The ponies were initially interested, but went back to snoozing pretty quick.  Farm equipment - no matter how oddly shaped - is old hat.

We traded off driving; whoever wasn't circling cleaned up more little trees under the pecan tree.  I couldn't let T have all the fun!  Between us, we got all of the trees small enough to trim off with the pruning shears, leaving only a handful that will need cutting off with the chainsaw.  And the pasture looks MUCH better.

All the divots are smoothed down, the piles are broken up, and if it rains tonight like it's supposed to that would be even better.  Next on the agenda is grass seed.

We also filled up the big pickup with a load for the dump, and the Ranger with a(nother) load of metal for the recycle yard. The former we pay to take, the later they pay us to bring.  So far we're not coming out ahead, unfortunately.  Among the metal that didn't get loaded is this old mail box.

JAN 22 1903
Of course, it has a bullet hole through it, but only one - and it's kind of neat.  Not sure what we'll do with it, but it looks darn good for 110 years (and 4 days) old, doesn't it?


Kellie said...

What a fantastic old mailbox!

Nothing like a redneck drag. Ours is similar, except the hubby puts two old tires with rims on it to make it heavier. Really drag with that lol

What kind of orchard it is? I'm picturing in my mind a bunch of apple trees?

SunnySD said...

That's a great idea putting tires on the drag! I'll have to remember that for the next time!

The "orchard" title is a bit misleading - when T's grandfather had the place it was an orchard, apples and pears. But some years back one of the salt water containment units up stream from here ruptured and the salt water killed off almost all of the trees. So now it's the "orchard" pasture, but we're down to one apple and one pear and the big pecan tree.