Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Five reasons

I will be glad to see spring arrive:
  1. Mud - or rather absence of mud. It is currently almost knee deep, and especially bad exactly where I have to wade across to close the gate to the upper lot. I almost lost a boot to the suction today, and of course the gate popped off the top hinge again, which required several more wadings through the muck before I had it (temporarily) fixed.
  2. Weird weather - SD's getting hit by those wacky weather patterns just like the rest of the midwest. Here that means that after the beautiful 60's and calm we had last week, it dropped nearly 40 degrees in less than 12 hours, and we have sleet, snow, and yuck. The horses are pleased the grass is coming in, but blech!

    Although I have to say,
    SO glad I'm not out there
    in the Black Hills with their
    FEET of new snow!
  3. Shedding - spring means shiny coats and goodbye to winter scruffies.
  4. Grass - When the pastures come in no more moving hay bales and graining every day, which will leave more time for...
  5. Riding!
That's my top 5 - what's yours?


Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

I love how the whole herd comes running up to you:-)
OK, my top 5 are similar.
1. Grass- so Less will be happy out in the pasture and won't scream to me to come get him and take him to the places where the green grass grows.

2. Purty pics with flowers and green stuff in the background.

3. Shedding! Though I won't be able to call Less Fuzzy Legs anymore this year after that.

4. Longer days!

5. hmmm, that's all I got?

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

You guys didn't get the blizzard yesterday? We didn't get much snow, it all blew away, but the wind HOWLED all day and it was mostly a whiteout.
I'm with you though-so glad we didn't get what they got in the Hills. Although, they already had the roads cleared off today and was back to normal.

SunnySD said...

No blizzard, but nasty freezing sleet & ice. We really lucked out on the snow, though. But it's flurrying again now. Spring in SD - gotta love it - or wait five minutes, and love it then, LOL!