Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday night

Well, I did my best to get some shots of Foxy's hoof - I did get a couple of befores, but I wanted to get some after soaking when the cotton was cleaned off, too. Unfortunately, I forgot.

Pre-soak tape job from yesterday.
She's leaning over to reach her grain, not favoring that foot, although it does look that way.

That's the nail hole in the center of the circle.

Foot bath

Gotta love goofy horses - she was actually pretty good about standing in the water for about 12 minutes. She had grain and someone standing there hitting the itchy spots, so she seemed content. But at the 12 minute mark she'd had enough. I persisted so that she'd actually take her foot out of the bucket nicely instead of drenching both of us, but mostly it was a mud bath by that point.

She was walking sound, at least on the soft dirt in the lot, and didn't seem in any sort of discomfort. We'll get her out on a harder surface tomorrow and see. Second round of penicillin then, too.

Sunny was completely normal. Filthy, but normal.
Since T was along and I had the camera I got to actually be in some pictures... well, sort of in some pictures - LOL!

We trotted up and down the driveway several times. T finally figured out how to get things to record on our fourth or fifth pass - neither Sunny nor I were quite as enthusiastic by that point!

He needs a bath, and lots of brushing, and he has a mat in his mane, I was horrified to discover.

If you want to see some gorgeous, clean Arabs in action, go visit MiKael's Mania - Arabian Horses. She has some real beauties, and they're all shiny and smart in their spring coats already.


Pony Girl said...

Reminds me of My Boy's abscess last spring (stray nail from farrier most likely....) My Boy lost a shoe last month and I haven't found it yet in his pasture, which worries me because of the nail hazards. Odds are it is buried under heaps of mud but I am still determined to find it! I'm glad Foxy is feeling better and Sunny's tummy troubles are better, too. Sometimes when it rains it pours, eh?

SunnySD said...

It sure does! Good luck finding that shoe - they turn up in the darndest places sometimes :)

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

You guys look so cute together jogging:-) did I tell you I have started riding an arabian? Probably, not I haven't posted about him yet...soon though. He's a bay Sunny! Fluffy, dirty, fat horses are the best, who wants to see clean ones? j/k...
Isn't that just the truth about foot soaking-standing happily one min and the next you're soaked and your horse is standing in the same damn spot, cept his foot isn't in the bucket anymore. Hah. Nice tape job, I hate taping feet too!
I like your new header.