Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend update

The mud is drying up, which means it's time for another round of snow. Winter is planning to descend on us again tonight, but in spite of that the weekend was fairly nice. Unfortunately, other than a stint of fence-fixing and the usual feeding routine, I didn't get much horse time in this weekend.

T and G and I spent Saturday morning identifying the trouble spots in the electric fence and making sure that all wires are appropriately tight and hot. The horses weren't real pleased to be locked in the upper lot for the duration, but after three of them made repeat appearances in the pasture next to the one they were supposed to be in (with no gates open or down) it was pretty apparent that some of the stinkers have discovered and embraced the fine art of fence crawling.

Since that just isn't acceptable, and the spring grass is just too darn tempting for them to stop on their own, it was time to get serious about zapping their sneaking noses. They're now much safer, and although not pleased about it, much more respectful of the fence. Having the current back on should keep the deer out of it, too.

Other than that, it was a fairly uneventful weekend. I spent much of it working on a presentation. PowerPoint is such fun....


Anonymous said...

"Fence crawling"
Hehe. I wonder what that looks like?

My barn recently put in some electric fencing and my horse got his first experience with it. He wasn't too pleased either! No more mutual grooming over the fence with his girlfriend anymore.

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Anonymous said...

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