Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Aw Foxy, what now?

Last night Foxy looked a bit sore, but I couldn't find any hot spots, bumps, bruises or anywhere that poking or prodding made her go "OUCH!" so J & I tentatively chalked it up to a slight pull or strain from being chased around in the less than great footing.
But this afternoon she wasn't just a bit off. She's dead lame on her right front. Still no heat in it anywhere, no bumps, not an ouchy spot to be found anywhere from shoulder on down. She will stand solid on it, but favors it - a bunch - when she moves. Since she's the one who apparently blew 4 abscesses simultaneously last summer...I'm thinking she has another one brewing. So while she ate her grain I stuck her foot in a bucket of Epson Salts & hot water (she was so thrilled) for about 15 minutes. Figured it couldn't hurt anything, at very least, and with her hoof completely cleaned off I could take a good look. Still nothing obviously wrong other than that something obviously hurts.

Foxy cleaned up her grain just fine, and was headed over to start in on some hay when I left tonight, so at least it's not effecting her appetite.

Left a message for J to take a look when she gets home, and let me know if she called the vet what he had to say and/or when he's coming out. She called a few minutes ago. The verdict for now is look at her tomorrow and see what's what. More soaking won't hurt, and we'll go from there.
Also managed to tear a nice hole in my jeans (and me) on the fence, and I think I'm coming down with whatever kept H home from school the last two days. Bleh. Some spring break this is.


Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Awww poor Foxy, I hate those mystery lamenesses! It does sound alot like an abcess though. I always panic when a horse is moving so lame so suddenly and then someone says it's probably an abcess and then I go "Oh, yeah, I didn't even think of that"! Knock on would Less has never had one, I don't know why either, at least none that have ever blown out.
I hope Foxy feels better soon, sorry about your leg and jeans, that sucks-ouch! and I hope you aren't getting sick.

Mrs Mom said...

Hey first of all feel BETTER!!!! And dont get whatever mega freaking bug it was that we had. Took me FIVE WEEKS to shake it for good (furiously knocking on wood here...Lol)

And how is Foxy???? Please give her a pat from me!!

SunnySD said...

Foxy seems to be feeling better tonight, but I'll be keeping a close eye on her.

I've been doubling up on the vitamin C, and so far so good. Whatever the crud is, it's staying on the marginal side. Thanks for the well wishes, from both of us!