Friday, March 6, 2009

Foxy - day 3

Foxy was fine last night, which was a great relief. They were all moving with caution, as the lot looked like a chocolate cake batter someone had unkindly poured water into. It didn't smell as appealing, though. And it was slippery.

Having forgotten to put on my rubber boots before wading in, I decided I might as well continue as I started.
[Plug here for Mountain Horse Mountain Rider boots - (I think they've discontinued thesel, or at least they've gotten difficult to find in the US, unfortunately, but I LOVE them.) In spite of the fact that they're leather with laces, I have yet to go home with wet feet after wading through the over-ankle deep slop. Wet pant legs, yes. But my socks are always dry. They're not cheap, but one pair lasts me several years of winter/summer wearing. And I wear them in everything, 'cause I'm always forgetting to put on muck boots.]
On the other thing.... Well - my co-workers were mad, which was nice. I'm still on the lookout for that window to show up, and I have moments of panic now and then, but on the whole, I think we'll all weather this just fine. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers - they're much appreciated, and I'll keep you posted. Unless something major occurs, though, I'm probably going to stick to horse topics here. It's cheerier! :)

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buckpony said...

Hi Sunny-D! I am so sorry to hear about your job. I work part time, and they are cutting out our Flex staff right and left. I hope part-timers aren't next! You are correct - when one door closes, another one opens. It may just be a blessing in disguise. More horse time! :)

I enjoyed the view from Sunny's back - I am dying to ride, but such a darn chicken! Maybe with the warmer weather I'll get a little braver...

Thinking about you and the job thing. It will be fine, but I believe we are all in a slight panic/fear mode with the economic downturn. Come South! :)Hang in there Girl.