Sunday, March 22, 2009


I'm looking out the window at a torrential downpour - a real gullywasher. Yesterday the weather was about as beautiful as anyone could have asked - high 60's, sunny, just enough of a breeze to keep it from being hot. T had his motorcycle out, and surprised me by appearing at the farm so I had help with the foot-soaking and penicillin, etc. Foxy was her usual mostly patient self about everything, although her internal clock still says "done" about 3 minutes early.

Then I got Sunny out and we played follow the motorcycle down the driveway. I wasn't expecting any major nervousness, as he's seen them before, but a refresher never hurts since riders out on the roads aren't always considerate. Sunny got in a couple of good sniffs while it was standing still, and T and I were talking, too before he started it up, which probably didn't hurt.
Silly boy - he actually wanted to chase it!

T started off nice and slow (it's a fairly lengthy driveway) and then gradually sped up - so did Sunny. By the time we got halfway down, Sunny was all stretched out trotting, and he actually seemed disappointed when T turned the corner at the end of the drive and we stopped.

After T left, I got out the brushes and went to work on his scruffy winter coat. The mat in his mane is no more, which makes me feel better! I'd intended to ride a bit after I got him semi-presentable, but J appeared and we ended up standing and talking while Sunny enjoyed scavenging for odds & ends of new spring grass along the drive edges. A good three hours of horse time, and it was lovely.

This morning was rainy, and while I managed to get out to feed in between showers this afternoon, the lot is liquid squish. Blech! It had actually been starting to dry up pretty nicely, but this certainly won't help. The grass is sure green, though - it's amazing what a few warm days and some warm spring rain will do.

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Meandering with Marilyn said...

I like your new picture.(header) Gives me hope that our snow will completely disappear one of these days!