Thursday, August 28, 2008


Not much time for horses today. Classes started Monday, so we're back on fall hours at the library and open on evenings & weekends. Thursday is my regular evening to work, which would ordinarily mean a full, uninterrupted afternoon of Sunny-time.

But sadly, today is also M's next to last day with us here in SD. He'll head back to his mom out East on Saturday, so we spent the afternoon collecting clothes & digging out the big suitcase. Tomorrow we'll be packing in earnest - although the way the airlines are charging for luggage, I'm tempted to UPS the whole kit & caboodle!

T didn't have any classes until tonight, so the three of us, T, M & I, finished up our running game of Rodeopoly after lunch. (M won, told you he's a shark!) Actually, we broke the bank and called the game on account of lack of money. But with $6K plus in cash and multiple "gold buckle" properties - well, let's just say the kid's a tycoon in the making :)

Since T's teaching, M came to the library with me to hang out while his sister stayed home to work on homework (her choice). She's staying here with us this school year, and so far seems to be settling in well. She was excited for the first day, and very enthused about the middle school's laptop program. We'd love to have M stay, too, but his mom's not wanting a completely empty house - and who can blame her! It just echoes here when the kids are gone.

Splitting the kids up isn't ideal, but the middle school here has a more stable environment. (No horses involved, unfortunately.) It's also close enough she can walk to school, and with two of us at home to present a united front, there's a bit more supervision and less opportunity for rule-bending. (I have the utmost respect for responsible single mothers who lack the support system of a family network to support them, and who cope with multiple children - how they manage, I have no idea. I'd crack.)

So, this will be the first time H & M will have been separated for any length of time. H says she's looking forward to being an only child - but I think that's at least partially a put on. M wants to stay too, and we'd love to have him, as well, but....

Anyway, long-story-short, my horse-time this afternoon consisted of a head check, fly-spraying and a few pats & scratches, but I can't begrudge the family time, either. Saturday evening and/or (hopefully AND - I'm crossing my fingers for AND!) Sunday I've promised myself some quality hours with the four-feets.


Anonymous said...

Cute post. I just found it and look forward to seeing more!

buckpony said...

Well, maybe M will be ready to come back next summer for more adventures...That would be hard, shipping kids back and forth, but some days I'd love to ship all 3 of mine off... :) Just KIDDING! Thank goodness my parents and my husband's parents all live close by, so we have plenty of help. I couldn't do it without them! :)
Does H have an affinity for horses? Maybe she will develop one during her time with you guys ...I know having horses keeping me busy kept me out of all kinds of trouble! :)

fssunnysd said...

H is not so much a horse enthusiast, but she's quite the shutterbug. Class yearbook is looking intriguing to her, so we're going with that for the time being. Maybe the horses will catch her sometime in the future.

M is definitely looking forward to next summer. Thankfully, both kids enjoy both ends of the spectrum (city/country), so that helps with transition. It's still tough on everybody, but it's something.

Anonymous said...

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