Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Colors of Fall

One of these days I'm going to have some time to ride. Needless to say, this past weekend wasn't it. Leftover housework, hours of grading, and the gale force winds on Sunday pretty much put paid to my riding plans.

Fall has well and truly arrived. We had temperatures in the teens last night, and things are crispy and cool. I love fall! Between rain and wind, lots of leaves just purely blew away. The frost Sunday night dropped a lot of the ones that survived being drowned or gusted.

The ones still hanging on sure are pretty, though.
I love the way they almost glow with the sun behind them.

We picked apples (and lots windfalls off the ground) last night - about two bushels worth, and I spent the evening coring & slicing. The dehydrator is humming away, and the house smells wonderful. I already have a bunch sliced up in gallon bags in the freezer from an earlier batch, so these will all be dried. Well, the ones that don't become apple crisp, that is!


Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. I don't get to experience much fall here in southern california.

SunnySD said...

You're very welcome - it's my favorite season!