Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fencing accomplished

Well, we did it. The fence is (back) up and the top pasture is sectioned again. The portable fencer is clicking away, hopefully to deter the deer (and curious horse-type critters) from testing it.

We'll get to gates sometime this week or next weekend. For now, they can go in and out as they please.


Rising Rainbow said...

My horses just will not respect that protable fencing, hot or not. Makes me nuts.

SunnySD said...

Some of them are like that - in this case, the fencing's permanent - it's just not hooked into the electric feed yet. So the portable fencer's just temporary. Thankfully, so far anything that clicks & stings keeps this bunch nicely contained :)

Mrs Mom said...

Wow- I'd get lost having a pasture that large again! Bet the crew loves it though. Looks like a great job on the fencing too ;)