Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Horse trailer features

Here's the deal - I finally have the truck to pull just about any size trailer I could want. Last March we bought a BIG truck (great timing, just when diesel started to spike, which is probably why the price was so good-lol!), a 1 ton Dodge dually.
A very tired Sunny (post-ride, circa 2005)
Now I'm trailer scouting. I have access to/can borrow when necessary a 16' gooseneck stock trailer, so hauling over 3 at once is covered. But most of the time I don't need to haul that many horses.

I've been leaving drool marks on the living quarters slant loads with dividers, padding, and fancy pull down windows, but realistically, a used 3 horse combo stock is probably more my speed (and price range).

Here are some of my favorites, if money was no object:
Sundowner's 3 horse gooseneck (730 series)
Equispirit's SafeLoad 3
Hawk 3 horse slant w/ dressing room
Featherlite 3 horse stock combo
(Also - not in the running, but I like'm! - Brenderups. These little guys are just cute! The Volkswagon Bugs of the horse trailer world, perhaps?)

So other than the mechanics - height of trailer, adjustable hitch, checking tires, floorboards, axles, rust, etc., what do/would you look for in a horse trailer? From a practical standpoint, are there optional and/or standard features that you just love, love to hate, consider necessary, or would look for/look to avoid if you were to buy another trailer?


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I'm supposed to be looking for a living quarters too, but am sort of at a lose when it comes to them. There are actually only two things I'm adamant about; the toilet cannot be in the shower(that just grosses me out) and I know I want a 4-horse.

For some reason finding an LQ in a 4-horse is difficult. Most of the used ones available are 3-horses. Chris and I looked at a new Featherlite and really liked it-but it was a 3-horse and the price was a bit of a deterent. The trailer place priced it to us at their cost and it was still $49,000. (Gulp)
I'm all for buying one a few years old and saving about fifteen grand-now I just have to find one like we want.

fssunnysd said...

It's insanely scary how much a new trailer costs! Even the unfinished smaller LQs are almost as much as a new house. But they sure are fun to look at. The Featherlite dealer here has some really nice trailers.