Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fuzzy Ears

I took my own advice and enjoyed some beautiful fall weather with Sunny this afternoon.

We poked around bareback in the bigger pastures today, soaking up sunshine. He checked out the pheasants scuttling for better cover, cars passing on the road a mile over (amazing how far away they can spot something moving!), and leaves rustling down off the trees in the light breeze. I looked for holes to fill, fence to fix, and anything else I'd need to walk out and remedy later.

One small spook at who knows what had me clutching for mane and wrapping my legs a lot tighter, but he wasn't in the mood to take advantage. Good boy!

The scenery wasn't the prettiest, especially since I spent a lot of time looking at the ground, but it was definitely time well spent. I let him graze in the greener driveway verge for a while when we were done.

This is what remains of the swelling on Sunny's back leg. The swelling is gone, and it doesn't seem to be sore at all. A few patches of hide are sloughing off, and it's looking more as if he wrapped it in something. I'm guessing a loose piece of fencing wire, which is one of the reasons we were moseying this afternoon, looking for anything likely.
I did find fence stretcher/tightner thingy & about 15' of fence coiled like a slinky in the middle of one of the big pastures, but not one the horses had access to. So I'm missing something somewhere. Or he caught it in something else.

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Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

One day I'll have to post the story the last time I fell off, it involved a camera, lol.
It does look like he wrapped his leg in fencing, what they get themselves into, shhhsh.