Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trailer shopping

Today after sitting in the wet at the football game (home team won! Hoo-rray!) on the way to get the grocery shopping accomplished we sidetracked into one of the trailer dealerships. It looked from the road as if they had a trailer that approximated what I've been looking for.

We pulled in right past the new LQ Featherlites (drool)! They're SO purdy - sigh. It's incredibly tempting, but I know what my budget will stand, and it ain't them, folks!

The trailer I spotted was indeed the right size, and in good shape. Since it was drizzling rain, and the used trailers are parked up on a hill away from the dealership proper, we didn't have an obnoxious sales person to avoid, either. (Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with salesmen doing their job and selling me stuff - I just don't like being told what I need and how much I also need to go into debt to afford lots of bells and whistles! I like being left alone to make up my mind first.)

I took some pictures, pulled the mats up to check the floor - which looks practically new - and snapped a bunch of pictures for later review. It was too wet to crawl around on the ground looking underneath, and I want to find out what they're pricing it at before I get too excited, but it's the closest I've found to what I want thus far.

I wanted to check the dealer's site for more info, but came home to discover the trailer section of the site is down for maintenance, so no joy there, darn it!

So for now I'll have to make due with what I copied off the manufacturer's plate. It's a Chaparral, and if I'm reading it right, it's a 1997. Must have been stored inside and not used much, because for a 10 year old trailer, it's about as close to pristine as they get. I'm off to go price compare this sucker!

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