Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend update...

Cold & rain starting Friday evening pretty much ruined my outside weekend goals. Other than the tack cleaning, which I fully intend to get to this afternoon. This morning was is as dry as it's been, but the pastures are a soggy, muddy mess. And it's cold, too.

T and Amyra

Sunny had some swelling in his left hind last night. It looks as if maybe he scraped it on something, but not enough to take any hide off. He was completely sound on it - no heat, so probably just bruised a bit. Everything is so slippery-slidey right now from the rain, which probably doesn't help. As you can see, the lot is goo.
They were frisky this morning.. I walked out first and was greeted, but the cows in the next pasture spooked so the horses all had to race up to the end of the pasture to check out whatever (deer, I think) the cows saw.

Then they raced on back by me to see T who'd walked out to see what was keeping me. We spooked up a couple of deer, but too far away to get a good picture - all I could really see was the white hind ends bounding away through the trees.

In other news, the trailer shopping will continue, I think. T called and talked to the salesman about the Chaparral this morning - new paint, lots of body work (the guy didn't say new floor, but I think it's probable). They're asking right at $6,000 for it. A bit less than half the price of a new one, but I think they're banking on new paint to help sell it. I'll have to think about it some more - there's no particular rush, after all.


Jennifer said...

Hope the trailer search works out ...

Yuckie weather your way, eh? But, hey, it's not snowing yet, is it?

Better luck next weekend riding the ponies, huh?

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

First pic caption "Cookie??" very cute.
That is quite the herd out there! Who's in charge? Looks like Sunny has a twin out there!

SunnySD said...

Jennifer - I'm sure crossing my fingers for sunshine! It's opening weekend of pheasant season though, so.... Lots of shooting, I expect.

Denise - good caption! She was begging for more ear scratching :) Sunny is definitely the herd "stallion" and they all move when they're in his way. But one of the mares still determines which pasture they're going to hang out and graze in. Herd dynamics are always interesting, aren't they?