Saturday, October 18, 2008

Finally fencing & other good things

It was a very good day.

Beautiful for fencing!One of those tiny dots off in the distance is T cutting cedar.

We set some new steel posts, chopped and sawed out a bunch of scrub cedars, strung two wires & hung fence tags. Lots of wire got spliced (with a few bad words, as the splices in the can turned out to be for barbwire, and we were running electric. But a few extra crimps got the job done.

Tomorrow we'll finish up that whole stretch with two more wires, and hopefully get the gates hung.

My arms are tired from the post driver, I'm sun/wind burned, and I know I'm going to sleep well tonight.

New Fence!

We're farm (and dog) sitting for an extended weekend. I never mind being asked, even in the winter, but this has been absolutely perfect weather-wise. Getting up at 5 am to do farm chores before work should make the day that much longer, but I've always been a morning person.
FEED us already!!!!
There's a real sense of accomplishment to having all the sheep fed, the horses checked, and watching the sun come up with someone you love - 'cause darned if I'm doing it all by myself when he's available! ;)

This is our weekend house guest. She's a real sweetie. I'm her surrogate person (she's curled up in an exhausted ball at my feet right now - I think the fencing wore her out, too - lol), so she sticks pretty close. I have Mabel the cat by my keyboard, and puppy-warmed feet. What more can I ask for? Maybe a back rub....

T snapped these on Friday night. First pics and video with my new camera :)

You can see from his ears Thunder's thinking pretty hard. But we managed a few circles under our own power. He actually turned quite nicely to the right. The left, not so much. 'Whoa' worked well, though. Not too shabby for our first foray sans ground control!

Had to pop on Sunny for a five minute ride, too.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the disk that came with the camera was only 32mb. Two pictures and two very brief videos and it was full, darn it. Still, new toy = fun figuring out all the settings. So far, I like it.

Today, I'm thankful for sunshine, fine fall weather, critters (as always), and a satisfactory day's work. Perhaps later I'll be thankful that back rub....

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