Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blizzard (again) and SafeTravel

Yep. Eastern South Dakota is wearing white wrapping again. Right now I can actually see the middle school three blocks away, but it's an on and off sort of thing. Thankfully, not too much new snow is predicted, so if the weather folks are right, it's mainly visibility due to windblown snow, and the the extreme cold we'll have to worry about.

Until I moved to SD I'd never really taken too much notice of the gates across on-ramps on the interstates. Those gates've been closed a fair amount this winter, keeping people from driving into really dangerous conditions. For good or ill, there are no gates on state or county roads. But there is a really great site that the news channels often refer travelers to - Safe Travel USA

Safe Travel USA links to the travel information systems run by each state, and allows you to click through and view road conditions.

There's a key indicating what the colors and dotted lines mean, and some states offer webcams at various points so that you can actually watch the weather happening.

Safe Travels where ever you go
this holiday season, everyone!


The Mane Point said...

What a weather week!

Subtle hints . . . . you can leave for Santa:



Rising Rainbow said...

No gates on our interstates but I do remember seeing them going through Nebraska one time. I wondered what they were for.