Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cows eat horses, don't they?

There's something out there! Lem'me see! Lem'me see!Sunny as herd "stallion" - very brave...
as long as I was in front of him
to be eaten first!

You'll protect us, right?
Idjits! It was actually above freezing - not just above 0', mind you, but almost 45'!! - for the first time in a month. So of course the horses had the sillies. They were seeing scary things under every bush and behind every tree and fence post.

The cows were taking advantage of the warmth, too, and had ventured out into north pasture where the horses could hear them moving but not see them. Crunching noises and pawing from the other side of the hill - it must be.... horse-eating monsters!

Much snorting, wheeling and scooting ensued.
They were having a fine old time.

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