Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An embarrassment of riches!

A newly arrived box of books is a bit like Christmas morning.

Alibris is wonderful - you can find almost any book you've ever run across (and multitudes you haven't!) and most of them are very affordable. Plus, if you buy enough, shipping's free - gotta love that. So, I had a weak moment last week when I found a book I've wanted for a while was finally available, and I added a bunch of titles from my wishlist and clicked purchase.

The first box was waiting when I got home last night.

Among others:

Astrology and Your Horse
by Vicky & Beth Maloney

The Horse Girl
by Miriam Moss

Heartland #1 : Coming Home
by Lauren Brooke

The Perfect Distance
by Kim Albon Whitney

Thelwell Country
by Thelwell

The country living section's great, but I love this one from the horse section in particular!
(The print is available at Punchcartoons for separate purchase.)

And never let it be said that cartoons are not educational!

Just what the heck is an avocet, you might ask? Why a weirdly-billed, warm-climate wading bird, of course! (Well, I had no idea.)

And To the Mountains by Morning by Diana Wieler - can't find a cover image for that one at the moment, so I'll have to scan it later.

On top of these, interlibrary loan also brought me
by Judy Reene Singer.

I can't wait to get started!!!!

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