Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not a good horse weekend: Part 2 - Saturday

Saturday morning was one of those lovely, frosty mornings where both the sun and the moon are up at the same time. The road was slick, but Sunday's nasty weather was only a grey haze on the horizon.

Sunny & company were pleased to see me - Especially when I spread some hay for them.

G was around somewhere feeding sheep, because the grain bin door was ajar and the horses were locked down out of the lot where they couldn't help themselves to the corn. I hung out for a while watching the sun come up, then left to fill my shopping list for holiday baking, reassured that Sunny was fine and I could stop worrying about him.

Cut to Saturday evening.
With the weather supposed to close in overnight, and the relatively warm temperatures already fading, I headed out to feed in the late afternoon. Only to discover that the lot gate was STILL closed, and the horses hadn't had a chance to get up to water all day.

I was just as thrilled about that discovery as you'd imagine.

So, respective gates & bin door opened & closed, and horses watered, I debated on the wisdom of giving them any grain. The pellet feeds are a really bad idea if the horses aren't hydrated when you feed them. And having just spend the night before worrying about Sunny....

Finally, I decided that I'd make sure they all drank - which they were doing - and then let them eat hay for a while before I fed the four that get grain. Since they're getting a very minimal amount of pellet feed mixed with mainly whole grain, with ready access to water, and hay in their bellies to slow their digestion.... It seemed like it would be okay.

Which it was, thankfully, but that
was night number two of very little sleep.

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