Friday, December 5, 2008

Of Cats & Gate malfunctions

It warmed up all the way to freezing today!


And tomorrow I get to feed in the daylight, which is even better.
Can you see the eyes?

Tonight the dark was at least warmer, and since this is pizza night, cooking was fully as complicated as dialing Dominoes.

And best of all, it's FRIDAY(!)
and I don't have to work until Sunday night!

I couldn't even get too bent out of shape when I discovered that the 16' gate that bars entry to the upper lot was off its top pin. Sigh. It really needs a gate prop for the open & closed positions. I'm going to see about installing one tomorrow so it doesn't sag. I think the pin bracket has slipped down a bit, too which compounded the problem - it's only catching the bottom 1/2" of the pin. If the bolt isn't stripped, I can fix that problem at the same time - and if it is, well, there's always the "whack it with a hammer" method.

For tonight, I managed to get it the pin into the bracket for long enough to close it while the horses ate. Of course it popped loose as I hauled it back fully open again, but it's braced, so it should be okay until I can work on it tomorrow.

After I'd battled the gate to an open & upright position, and called in the pizza order to be picked up on my way home, the drop-off kitten reappeared and noisily announced that he was hungry and wanted attention. I need to take a closer look at him/her tomorrow, too. I think he's managed to either frostbite the very tip of his tail, or get it stepped on by a sheep. And I suppose a vet appointment and a name are in order. S/he's a real cutie. And in possession of a very good set of lungs. Pictures tomorrow - if he'll consent to sit still long enough!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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