Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday - Brrr!

It's chilly out there! But sunny, after a brief snowglobe moment or two this morning. Four-feets were happy to see me earlier than usual - or at least, they were happy to see FOOD earlier than usual!

The cows were napping.

For a minute I had the awful thought that the waterer had stopped working, and that's why they were collected right there. But no, it was fine. Who knows what goes through a cow's mind - I'd have thought they'd have preferred to do their napping in the sun. Guess not.

While the horses ate I got the gate fixed. The bolt wasn't jammed - yay!

And I managed to get the hay feeder readjusted, as well. I still need to do something about one of the sucker bar rods on the fence - the connector is stripped, and it won't stay screwed togther.

No kitten pictures. I called, but I don't think s/he knows to come to "Here, kitty-kitty" yet! I expect he's probably tucked up inside one of the barns with the sheep, where it's warmer. Maybe tomorrow he'll poke his furry little self out. If he does, I know I'll hear him! LOL.

These two are Misty (grey) and Sheba. Their people are out of town until tomorrow, so I stopped by to check on them and their water situation.
When I talked to C yesterday she was in Menards hunting for a pick-ax and/or a new heat gun to thaw out their water tank. The tank heater had died, and their tank was slightly more solid than drinkable. She had the new heater, but still had to get the old one and a bunch of ice out before she could get the new one in. Yuck - a very cold, wet way to spend a winter afternoon.

Thankfully, today all looked well with horses & waterer both. The water tank was steaming gently in the chill, with no sign of ice. The mares were munching their way into a new round bale, but came over to visit and snuffle up the treats I brought.

After that it was off to the grocery store and home to make supper. The rest of my evening consisted of dropping H & friends at the bowling alley, and then stopping at a friend's to borrow a phone & a phone book so I could call the locksmith. Yep. Locked myself out.

Slightly ironic, given the fact that I'd just had new keys made for H - who promptly found the ones she'd "lost" in the bottom of her bookbag. The new keys were sitting on top of the refrigerator. Mine were on the rest of my key ring in my purse which I ALWAYS take with me....

Luckily, the front door was deadbolted - in case you don't know (I didn't) button locks in the newer lever-style door handles pretty much have to be drilled out. So, door open & $40 to the locksmith later, I was cleaning up the supper debris when the doorbell rang. The locksmith.... He'd dropped the $40 I gave him somewhere in the yard (he thought) on the way back to his van. He just wanted to let me know he was going to be roaming around with a flashlight for a few minutes in hopes of finding it.

By the time I dug out the trouble light and had my boots & coat on he was pulling out, so hopefully he found it. I'll take a look in the morning though, in case not.

Such was my day.

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