Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not a good horse weeked: Part 3 - Sunday

Sunday did not come in quietly. It howled its way in, wind screaming around the house, blasting icy pellets of snow and snapped twigs against the windows. The cats were wired, racing through the bedroom and startling, big-eyed, at the rattling and whistling noises from outside.

The view, once daylight finally shivered across the horizon, just made me want to crawl back into bed. White. Snatches of trees & the house across the street occasionally, but mostly just white. On the plus side, it didn't look as if there'd been that much accumulation.... Of course, to accumulate, the snow would first have had to touch the ground before sailing off again.

The actual temperature was -10. The wind was gusting to nearly 40 mph. The folks at the Weather Channel were predicting a high of 3'. It actually might have made it to freezing. But it was still -6 when we headed out to feed at 2:30.

The roads actually weren't all that bad where the wind could get at them. The horses were happy to see us. But oh, crap. One of them was one the wrong side of the fence. And on closer examination, bloody. Lovely.

Foxy is low horse. She gets last chance at the hay, last chance at water, and she pretty much ducks and covers whenever one of the others want something she has. Sometime this afternoon she must have managed to get herself cornered, and escape was over the fence. From the tracks, it looks as if she actually cut herself attempting to get back over.

Warning, blood!
Thankfully, on close examination,
it appears to be surface scratches only.
And flash frozen, at that.

She is not lame - at all. In fact, she really did not want to be caught, and showed us just how lame she is not quite determinedly for about 10 minutes before she decided that evasion wasn't going to get her her grain ration.

If things happen in threes, hopefully, this is it for a while!


Jennifer said...

Wow... That all stinks like rotten milk. I'm so sorry to see injured horses, and flat frustrated to read they weren't getting their water. I understand 100% why you want them with you.

I'm glad to see it's not worse, but still sorry to read about your bad weekend. Flash frozen scrapes & cuts... YUCK.

Extra cookies, and plenty of snuggle pats for your ponies from us here in Texas.

SunnySD said...

It's frustrating - I'm not always sure they don't think the horses are slightly funny-looking sheep or cows. And since horses, "Only drink once a day, and less in the winter, they really don't need to get to the water all the time." Er, what?! Sigh. Education is a slow process sometimes.

Thanks for the well wishes, and we'll gladly enjoy the virtual cookies - Yum - no calories :)

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Oh my gosh, what a weekend you had! :-o I'm so glad that Sunny got over his tummy ache- I know that "look" well too...
Poor Foxy! Ouch, jingles for her cut legs, I can't believe the blood froze!
May your week be much much better!

Your bit warmy thing idea was very clever! I am either going to buy Lester a well fitted hackamore- I have one, but it doesn't fit really well, or a bitless bridle. I think it will help me stay in "pleasure" mode and not try to work him;-)