Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kitten pics!

The kitten came out to play this afternoon. I'm thinking s/he looks like a Doc to me (for Drop Off Kitten/Cat).

After chowing down...
What's this?
Food where the dog can't get at it! Cool!

Food was good, but attention was better!
And of course, Ayisha wanted in on the action, too....

T brought a couple of big inside-out tires back with him to use as additional feed bunks, so we'll get those rolled out sometime this week - Oooh, presents!
Is it wrong that I'd rather have hay feeders than jewelry?

I'd have had them out this afternoon, but all he wanted to do was catch up on missed sleep, and they're a bit heavy to manage on my own. Given my luck during the rest of the past week, I'd roll one off the truck right onto me, or somehow manage to squash Doc or Ayisha flat as a pancake!

Time with the critters was entirely too fleeting today. I headed in for work only to find 95% of our computers down. With "Out Of Order" signs taped to nearly everything, it should make for a quiet evening. Or wait, someone might actually have to use a book!!! Horrors! LOL!

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buckpony said...

Hi Sunny-D!
Did Doc get to stay with you? What a pretty kitty. Orange kitties have always been a favorite, as my first experience with cats came when I was about 7 years old and my Mom found an orange D.O.C. similar to yours. She allowed me to pick out a name for our new kitty, but after changing it several hundred times, my Mom started calling the kitty "Ralph." Mind you, Ralph was a female cat, but the name stuck. She was the most wonderful cat in the world, putting up with me dressing her in doll clothes and pushing her in a well as sitting her in a doll highchair to feed her. (Yes, I even have a photo of this.) We had Ralph for many wonderful years before she passed away when I was in high school.

Hope all is well with you and your family. Have a wonderful holiday and I will be back to visit soon!

BTW - I loved all of the book reviews! I just might pick up a book over the holidays!