Saturday, February 28, 2009

The view from on top!

That's right!
I actually got to see ears
from the topside this afternoon. (Aren't they cute!)
I couldn't resist all the sunshine sparkling off that fluffy new snow. Of course, right at the moment I'm still thawing out, since it was all of 9', and I had to shed my heavy coat to get my butt on. But still... Sunny's back was nice and warm.

And I figured that even if he dumped me,
at least the landing would be soft.

But Sunny was a perfect gentleman - the worst thing he did was step off before I was quite settled across him, but more in a, "Hey Mom - let's get moving, shall we?" way than anything else. I didn't get too carried away though, with just a halter & lead.

We traipsed around the pasture a few times, tried out a leg yield or two along the fence to I could collect my camera off the post where I'd left it, and inspected the snow to see if there was anything edible underneath - well, he did the last by himself. I'm not much into grass, even the non-frozen kind - LOL!

Unfortunately, it only took a few minutes for my fingers to go numb, so it was back in with the rest of the gang for him, and I headed up to reclaim my jacket and rescue this guy.

They'll squeeze themselves through trying to reach the alfalfa in the center, but then they can't back up, 'cause their ribcages get in the way. So it's a matter of opening a panel on the feeder and then chasing them the rest of the way through and out. Which is easier when everything isn't frozen to the ground, but hey, I got it done.
They hung out for a second to see what I was up to, and then...booked it for someplace less populated with people.


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Silly cows-LOL!!

Your snow ponies look like mine did yesterday. Wow-5-6" and they said we only had a "chance" of snow. Yep, gotta love our weather.

Good for you for getting a little ear time.;)

Jennifer said...

WOOO! You got to ride! YiPee Cowgirl! YAY!!!

SO happy for you. You've got amazing courage - hopping on in a halter bareback in the show...

As you'll probably see in my blog from the weekend, I got nervous in a cold stiff wind...

Amazing ride, Sunny! Good deal!!!

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

LOL, that pic of the cow stuck is too funny, she knew what she wanted though!
Glab you got to hop on Sunny for a bit, always makes a day better.
I love the ear shot and and the running cow!