Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a week...

We had a blizzard on Monday night (12") and everything ground to a halt until Wednesday. J fed for me, so I didn't have to brave the 4' drifts that had blown in across the country roads (and the driveway), which was nice. First day I've missed feeding all winter.

Friday was my interview, and I think it went well. Today we have another blizzard. I-90 is closed from Mitchell to Chamberlain. The horses were sheltering in behind the upper lot by the grain bin out of the wind and snow. The lot is fetlock deep in mud at best, worse in places. With the wind out of the northeast at about 30 mph, it was awful down by the hay feeder. They aren't going to stand down there - where it's at least drier - even with the lure of food until the wind dies down a bit.

So I grained them all up along the fence - it was cold and nasty enough, and they were happy enough to get grain that they didn't fuss at one another at all.

In other news - the Friday book review will be a weekend book review this week. Stay tuned.

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buckpony said...

BBBRRRRRRRRRR! I hope that nasty weather passes quickly and you can begin to thaw out again. I feel for you and the mud. We live in the "Black Belt" known for its prairie mud. The mud can get knee deep when it's wet, then dry out as hard as concrete and crack during the hot summer - cracks as wide as a few inches. My brothers used to lose their match box cars down the cracks in the summer time. The mud is so dreadful though.
Keep us posted on your interview! I wish you all the best and hope it brings great opportunities for you.