Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fun stuff - do you Wordle?

Tag clouds are appearing all over the place these days. This little tool lets you create your own. Just plug in the URL or paste in the text of your choice. Pick from a variety of colors, fonts, and layouts. Pretty nifty!

A Sunny Wordle view


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I thought I would put a comment about your book review up here...I have such issues with a lot of the "tween" horse books written today. Most of them it is obvious the writer knows almost nothing about horses...or kids for that matter.

Give me a good old Marguerite Henry or Walter Farley book any day.

Maybe we could get one of these less than horsey writers to attend the AQHA World Show and they could write a whole series on the cruel things that are done to horses. But...gasp...Those people have lots of money, they would never "hurt" their horse...yuck!!

fssunnysd said...

So true! I have a hard time watching a lot of horse-related movies for the same reason.

Seems like every animal show world has the same nasty underbelly. Everybody knows these things go on, but.... As you say, yuck!