Sunday, September 14, 2008

A weekend passes...

Is there some rule that time has to fly on the weekends? Friday evening's ride was great. And I had a belated birthday dinner afterwards out with T & H, which capped the evening perfectly.

Saturday morning started with rain. Plus side: there were two messages on the answering machine about my car - classified ad paying off, finally! But that meant I needed to be home for prospective buyers.

The sun poked out before noon, but I'd promised T I'd go to the first home football game of the season with him. Kick-off at 1 PM and a hard fought victory - the home team won 27-7 (Hooray!!!) - grocery shopping, and then we had supper plans with friends. There went Saturday.

Communing with Pennie

Saturday night was late enough that Sunday morning wasn't early. But it was sunny... unfortunately, the 30 mph winds snapping the living room curtains & startling the cats into kitten-esque zoomies through the kitchen weren't exactly conducive to outside activities.

At around ten I had another caller on the car - good news, but they wouldn't be by until after 2 PM. Which gave me time to get showered, start laundry, help with the last batch of elderberry jelly, drag the shop vac around and vacuum out the car, and then retrieve the laundry blown off the line and into what's left of the tomato plants.

Horse-check around 3 PM, but I work tonight, so no time for riding. Monday I have class, Tuesday evening's taken up by a meeting - here's to hoping Wednesday night's as empty of non-horse commitments as it looks on the calendar!


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

A weekend flies by, but I am still rather confused by how the last 2 weeks have disappeared. We have been busy-nonstop-but still haven't finished any of our projects.

Pat said...

Hey, I love your blog! Thanks for following Spencer's and commenting. Looks like you are as willing to try new things and test ideas with your horses as I am. They can be so fun and frustrating at the same time, can't they!

Penny and Sunny are sweet horses.