Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rainy Days

Well, that's what I deserve for squandering last night's cool calm on the couch with a book, I suppose. But when T rolled out of bed this morning for the start of this month's drill weekend (Army Reserve), the sun was just peeking over the horizon out and it was lovely. The forecast did say 40% chance of rain, but there wasn't any sign of rain!

After the first three loads of laundry on the line there were clouds. And of course it started raining before they were dry enough to bring in. Not hard, but steadily. We can use the moisture, but....

So, instead of tree-trimming (should have headed that way this AM instead of dirty clothes & bathrooms!), I tackled some more postponed housework, baked a couple pies and watched the line sag under wet clothes' dragging weight each time I headed for the back door to let the cat in and out.

For Mabel, two-feets are all doormen to be enlisted as necessary in her continuing quest to always be on the right side of any closed door. And which, you may well ask is the right side? Why, whichever one pleases her at the moment, of course. She's a cat, after all!
"I'm on the wrong side again!"

On the side of accomplishment I can count the pies, bathrooms, laundry, and satisfaction in the warmly insistent, purring lump of cat poised in my lap waiting for me to finish typing and pay her more attention - or open the door again.
Pear Pie

I've never attempted this recipe before. Pie crust is not my favorite thing to make, but since I couldn't find the store-bought ones I thought were in the freezer, I cheated. I can successfully make a cheesy salmon pie recipe. The crust for it is lovely, light and flaky, but thick to counter balance the hearty nature of the dish. I've discovered that if I make one recipe (double crust for the salmon pie) and divide it in four before I roll it out, it makes two double-crusts pies that are light, buttery and flaky and thin enough for dessert-type recipes.

The final result is pretty enough - now hopefully I cut the pears thin enough to bake in the time recommended. Here's hoping it turned out!


Pony Girl said...

I'm jealous of your pie! I wanted to make a blackberry pie last weekend but the berries spoiled and it didn't work out. My teaching partner brought in some pears from a tree in her neighborhood for the students last friday and they didn't look pretty but they were SO yummy!

fssunnysd said...

Ooh - blackberries are wonderful, and I don't get them too much out here. Maybe you'll still have time for another batch!

Turned out I didn't bake the pear pie quite long enough (or cut the pears just a tad thick) but most of one still disappeared in short order - LOL!

Mrs Mom said...

Oooo gosh that pie looks LOOOVELY. Pies scare I can do cookies and cakes OK but pies make my insides shake. However, it does not stop me from appreciatating the efforts and hard work of others talents! ;)

Love the expression on Kitty's face She surely looks peeved at you for having her OUT when clearly she wants IN! Cats are a riot. And they tend to smell better than rangy ol farm mutts too... ;) (That was for Jo the Wonder Nanny Dog who is sprawled under my feet right now, and who again, reeks!)