Tuesday, September 30, 2008


They're back! The nights finally got cold enough to chill off most of the heel flies, and it hasn't rained much - but the mosquitoes were definitely out tonight.

See them? They were all over Sunny.

Proof of riding!
I feel like I haven't ridden in forever. Luckily, Sunny has a better memory than I do!

Tonight was gorgeous. The whole day was. So when I ended up an hour late at work, I decided not to waste any time dragging the saddle, etc. out to the truck. I changed and dashed, and had extra time riding.

Since I was bareback and no one was home, I didn't try anything crazy (like cantering). We wove poles, practiced walk trot transitions and leg yields. He was a star. Nice and light, and quiet. I fooled around until nearly dark and then brushed him off and let the rest of the crew out of the lot. A lovely end to the day.


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

No mosquitoes here, but I sure wished the flies would lay off and the sweat bees-what the heck is up with that? They are just hovering around the horses. I just about got whopped the other day when the horse I was trimming kicked at one on her belly.

fssunnysd said...

I hear you! One of the mares absolutely hates anything that sounds bee-like. She must have been stung somewhere tender at some point, because bot flies send her over the edge. Not fun for her this time of year!

Jennifer said...

bareback ... catering.... :) Neat! Take a video when you get that motivated.

Skeeters.... bad here, too.

fssunnysd said...

My tapers have been on strike lately - I need to twist some arms, I think!