Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good-bye, Lace, Hello, Mr. Chainsaw

Lace has a new owner. She leaves (unexpectedly) this evening. She's Colorado-bound, but in the meantime will be collected tonight by a friend of her new owner who lives west of here and has a Colorado trip planned later in the month.
ASA Onyx Lace
I'm sad to see her go. She's a lovely little mare with a sweet disposition, and she carried me cheerfully on many a trail ride while I waited on Sunny to get big enough to ride.

Her new owner is quite excited to have located a mare with her bloodlines (she's an ASA Ebony Turk daughter). From what I understand not too many of them are still around. (And since J is determined to downsize the herd before winter, I believe her asking price was a pleasant surprise, too.)

Pick up was originally scheduled for this weekend, but plans changed last night. J called to let me know in case I wanted to say good-bye (of course!) and to ask if I'd mind catching Lace and leaving her in the lot this afternoon when I was out. J doesn't like dealing with the whole herd in the pasture, and was afraid Lace might prove hard to catch if she waited until the trailer was in the driveway.

So... I interrupted the herd's peaceful grazing and brought them all in for a good brushing, just in case J wanted to show them off later.
Star - looking star-like
Not wanting to leave Lace by herself in the lot for 3-4 hours, I left the three senior mares in together.
Foxy, Lace, & Pennie
They look terribly enthused, don't they?

Ordinarily I wouldn't worry about leaving Lace in alone, but no one was going to be around this afternoon, and she'll be calmer and less stressed if she has company. J is comfortable enough dealing with the senior mares, and leaving all three means that when Lace is loaded up to leave, the other two will, hopefully, not panic at being alone and go tearing up through the mess in the alley.

Which brings me to the mess in the alley....Monday's fencing plans were aborted when we arrived at the farm to find see dead trees toppling along the section we'd planned to work. The aftermath isn't pretty.

Thankfully, the guys did drop the trees away from the fences. But they didn't cut them up or haul them away. Which means there are six or seven large tree skeletons in the alley and one of the pastures. And of course, several of them landed smack across the horses' preferred track in to the lot for water.

But did the fact that they are walking into and through Deadfall City phase them? Nope. Rather than walk around the trees along fence where there's a perfectly clear aisle left open....they prefer to walk smack through the middle of branch-land.

J was afraid that they wouldn't come in for water through the trees. Huh. Yep, they look terrified.
When I turned the rest of the crew loose they headed straight up into the thick of it to see if they could nibble any grass from underneath.

So now I'm the paranoid one, thinking about one of them poking an eye out on something. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow evening and this weekend? Yup. Tree debris clean-up. I broke off some of the nastier limbs this afternoon, but it's going to take more than one pair of hands (and fewer four-footed assistants!) to make much progress.

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