Monday, September 8, 2008

Pennie: Ride 2, part 2

How could I have forgotten - I was so pleased - still am! When the vet arrived he pulled right out into the pasture through the open gate and up to where we were riding.

Remember all those downed trees? Well, the outer pasture gate onto the drive is currently open - the horses are locked out of this pasture for the time being except when we're riding (and the other horses are locked in the lot) - so that G can get the tractor in and out and haul the limbs & trunk pieces off. Since apparently we like to live dangerously, both gates were open while we rode.

When the vet pulled in T hopped off Sunny to take Amyra over for inspection. Sunny, bless his heart, stood steady, feet planted where he'd been left and watched the truck drive in. Flicked his ears, cocked his hip, and didn't even lower his head to graze. I walked Pennie over nearby where I could watch, listen & participate in the conversation. I ended up standing between the two horses, leaning on Sunny's shoulder as she dozed and he spectated like an old hand, while the vet examined Amyra and gave her her shot. Rowdy, flighty A-rabs they certainly were NOT! Big grin.

Before he left the vet caught a glimpse of Pennie's eye and came over to take a closer look. She has a damaged cornea, he said. I know it's an old injury she already had when J bought her, which hasn't gotten any worse. He said it won't get any better, either. She has limited vision on that side, if at all (the vet didn't speculate, although he waved his hand back and forth a few times with no visible response). I've never noticed that it bothers her unduly. She will turn her head to look at you from her other eye sometimes, and I usually talk to her pretty continually so she knows where I am - but I do that with the others, too, so it's not that big a concession.

Well, me for bed, as it's a school night. I really wish there were more hours in the day sometimes!

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