Thursday, April 9, 2009

Almost Friday

Picked up another load of hay today. It's grey and looks a lot like snow. We have a cold 50' but there's nothing forecast. The ponies were happy to see me. Well, happy to see the prospect of grain, anyway - it's always nice to be greeted enthusiastically. :)

No school tomorrow since it's Good Friday. The lot is still fetlock deep in mud in spite of the run-off spots I worked in on Tuesday. Thankfully there's a rise where the horses can get their feet out of the yuck and enjoy the sunshine. If it's decent tomorrow Sunny and I are going for a walk and he's getting a good brushing. I need some horse therapy. It's been a very long week, even if it's only been 4 days worth.

This weekend is worming. Since it's staying cold, I'm going to postpone vaccinations until next weekend. West Nile & annual 4-ways all around - or at very least, for our two and I need to remind J.

Other than that? Well, there's fence to walk again, and a couple wires to get back up so they can be tied back in to the electric before the horses go out on pasture. I should respade the drainage channels I cut through the worst spots in the lot in hopes that some more of the water drains off. There are a couple more limbs on the big tree in the lot that need to be cut out of eye-poking range. And I need to pick up grain, stop at the vet's for vaccine, and work on the wind tangles I didn't get to this afternoon. All of the ponies are shedding like crazy. So that's my horse list. Which of course, trumps the house/yard work for home list - LOL!

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