Thursday, April 23, 2009


Only a short ride last night. I took the saddle along, but didn't think to bring the girth extender, darn it. So the saddle was on the pony only briefly, and I ended up bareback anyway. It was windy, breeches are slippery - way more so than jeans! - and the turkeys were scurrying back and forth in the south tree grove just across the driveway.

We were an entertaining pair. Sunny would track neatly around about half the pasture and as soon as we turned toward the turkeys, up would pop his head and we'd go around that side with him bent into a U around my outside leg, trying to see what they were up to. Turn the corner to the north, and he'd un-kink. Of course, slippery-seated as I was, I kept slipping sideways and wiggling back upright.

T got video, so I guess I have my baseline for the year. Too long to post, thank goodness! But two days in a row actually on top... happiness :)

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