Wednesday, April 22, 2009

RFD Equestrian Nation: Doc Larsen

Okay, I just caught the end of Linda Parelli teaching some poor woman to saddle a fence. Not quite sure what was up with that....

But the next program, Equestrian Nation, was a real heartwarmer of a story about Doc Larsen, a retired vet whose on-going project has been to take on and keep up a set of trails in the Angeles National Forest for riders. It's Episode #113 if you're interested. Quite a project, and much appreciated by the local horse-people, I hope!

I had a look around online to see what I could find out, and the answer was not much. But I did run across the Trail Mapping Project, and industrious undertaking which aims to document the horse trails in Southern California. The trail maps are a work in progress for Randy Hammock. Not sure how current the maps are, but it's neat, nonetheless.

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